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Say goodbye to exploitative lootboxes and start earning while playing, collecting and trading in a transparent and safe environment.

You can already start earning while you wait for the official game release. Scroll down to learn more.

What is $MIRA?

The Chains of War ecosystem thrives on the oxygen-absorbent mineral M-S3, known as “MIRA”. $MIRA is the official token for utility and (in-game) ecosystem.

How to earn today

Each Chains of War Genesis Hero you stake will earn you $MIRA. The amount of $MIRA depends on the rank, as shown on CNFT Tools. Watch the video to learn more.

how to trade $mira

MinSwap is the official place to trade your earned $MIRA. Chains of War also houses a liquidity pool here that earns you even more passive $MIRA.

$MIRA utility

Mira is used as the in-game token and for blockchain utilization. Additional NFTs will be purchasable with Mira, enabling the possibility to leverage various blockchain features, such as farming, whitelisting, raffles, and staking boosters. As an in-game token, Mira allows in-game earnings to have real-world value.

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